Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red factor sun conure and Sun conure

  • Before, I start this article. I would like to give you a quick info about red factor sun conure and sun conure.  Both birds are similar with unique differences.
    • SUN CONURE: They are the most beautiful and expensive birds. Also they are very smart birds. And essay to train. these birds are from native northeastern part of south America, from Venezuela to northeast of Brazil. The sun conure are the loudest small size birds. They are territorial & aggressive. They can be with others birds, Unless socialized together when they are very young. They are extremely active & playful. It is better to keep two sun conure together that way they keep each other busy and happy. They scream for attention and they love to chew.
     As a baby they are mostly green and orange around the eyes, They've orange spot on the legs and chest and some of them on the head and its primary feathers are deep dark blue. The beak and feet are black. During the first year of their life they going to be changing colors. The first dramatically change will be on the wings. First, it is going to appear yellow spots on the wings. On the chest is going to be more orange and yellow.   As an adult sun conure are more lighter color. That's why they have the popular nick name of the mini macaw. Talking ability sun conure are not known for talking parrot. however, they may learn a few words. at list mine says few words like: pakito, hola , que pasa, and hey. with a lot  of time and effort. they will talk.

    • RED FACTOR SUN CONURE: Red factor sun conure are one of the fascinating beautiful small bird. They are very rare to see and found one or a breeder that sell them. Because of that they are very expensive. They are originated in Hawaii. Red factor sun conure personality is almost the same as sun conure there is poor info about them. Nobody know with exact answer how the end the up in Hawaii. Red factor sun conure are very reddish the whole head the entire belly, chest, under wings, and legs are bright red. The reddish color is more intense as the baby get older. The yellow feather grow out when a young red factor sun conure is about three months old. the red factor sun conure alway going to have bright reddish color on the wings an whole head.                                                              
    •  DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RED FACTOR SUN CONURE AND SUN CONURE : First of all both are beautiful small bird. They are great and good companion,  not the usual bird. They  love to hang out with you all day if is possible. They are the perfect bird. Their personality is the same, specially If you have them since baby. You can raise them the way you want it and they will get more attached to you.

      • PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Red factor sun conure  are completely red since baby. The whole front body is red not orange and the head is red as well. They are not like a regular sun conure with yellow and orange spots. The best way to identify a red factor from a regular sun is if the bird have a red spot or reddish on the wings not mater if is baby or adult. Many ads and breeders sell red factor sun conure many of those ads have normal sun conure but they look orange not red factor mutations.  When they get older they look very orange but not really red.  If you put the real red factor and the regular sun you will notice the difference. There is another way to identify if it is a real red factor.  You need to ask the breeder to send you a picture of their parents. They always going to pair a regular sun with a red factor and is because the generic is considered more healthy winch is true.  


      This beautiful birds are very difficult to found because they are not many breeders that they sell normal sun as red factor sun. It happen to me.  I have two sun conure, one red sun but is because I purchase my second sun thinking was a red factor sun conure then I found out that he was a normal conure. The good thing about it is that I just pay $100.00 dollars for him and them I was thinking to sell him but he really steal my heard he got very attached with me that I  decided to keep him. His very playful he sing and talk.  He is very intelligent and sweet bird. I hand feed my three birds. Personally hand feeding it is better because the bird become more gentle and less aggressive. Here is some of the pictures of pakito and chucho they are normal sun conure.( Not red factor sun conure).






      •    This article is to inform and educate to all the people that want to purchase a red factor sun conure remember that they cost more than the regular sun conure they normally cost 600 hundred no more than that and a regular sun conure cost 150 max price. They live between 25-30 years old.  They eat fresh fruits and vegetable.  Before you obtain any of these bird please make sure if the red factor or regular sun conure is the best pet for you they can be noising and messy at least mine is train it. Well that's all for now, I hope you enjoy it the pictures.  Poly is my red factor sun conure.  He's still a baby.  He is only 3 month old.  Here are Poly's baby pictures. and video of Paquito ,Chucho and poly... enjoy